Tungsten Carbide Powder Use

Tungsten Carbide Powder Picture

Tungsten carbide powder Uses

1. A large number for making high-speed cutting tool, furnace structural materials, jet engine parts, metal-ceramic materials, the resistance heating element,etc..

2. Used in the manufacture of cutting tools, wear parts, copper, cobalt, bismuth and other metals melting crucibles, wear semiconductor thin film.

3. Used as superhard cutting tool materials, wear-resistant materials. It forms a solid solution with many carbide. WC-TiC-Co cemented carbide tool has been widely used.

Tungsten carbide powder mainly used for the production of carbide. In tungsten carbide powder, tungsten carbon atoms embedded in the lattice space, and the lattice does not destroy the original metal forming interstitial solid solution, therefore, it also known as interstitial / insertion compound.

Tungsten carbide suitable machined at high temperature, can produce the cutting tool, the material structure of the furnace, jet engine, gas turbine, nozzle, armor-piercing projectile cores.