Tungsten Carbide Powder Use Standard

Tungsten Carbide Powder Picture

Use standard of tungsten carbide powder

Tungsten dust can cause inflammation of the bronchial week, bronchioles week burning, latching bronchiolitis and atrophic emphysema. Tungsten carbide can cause lung proliferative responses of lymphoid cells, and the gradual emergence sclerosis. Vessel wall thickening and homogenization. Occupational exposure to tungsten carbide dust of gastrointestinal disorders, kidney irritation, upper respiratory tract catarrhal inflammation.

Maximum allowable concentration of tungsten carbide is 6mg/m3.

The maximum allowable concentration of the soluble tungsten compound in the United States (by tungsten meter) of 1 mg/m3, an insoluble tungsten compound (by total tungsten) is 5 mg/m3.

Used in accordance with the requirements of protective masks, dust-proof clothing, gloves, glasses. At all stages of production must prevent dust leakage. Workers do pre-employment physical examination, once a year to check on a regular basis. Obvious symptoms of upper respiratory tract, to temporarily mobilization, out of contact with tungsten. Pulmonary sclerosis or outside respiratory dysfunction, the work to be removed.