Tungsten Carbide Powder

Tungsten Carbide Powder Picture

Tungsten Carbide Powder


Tungsten carbide powder is the main raw material for the production of tungsten carbide, chemical formula WC. It is black hexagonal crystal, metallic luster, hardness close to diamond, electricity, good heat conductor.

Major domestic producers have Zhuzhou, Zigong, Nanchang, Lvshun Carbide plant. Annual production of tungsten carbide powder is mainly for domestic use, and some are exported to Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden and other countries.


Using tungsten metal powder and carbon black as raw materials, dubbed mix by a certain percentage, put the mixture into the graphite boat, placed charcoal tube furnace or a sense of high-frequency electric furnace, at a certain temperature carbonization, and then by milling and sieving to obtain tungsten carbide powder.


Tungsten carbide is widely used in metal cutting tools, mining and geological drill bit inserts, stretching stamping dies, wear-resistant parts.