Tungsten Carbide Powder Production

Tungsten Carbide Powder Picture

Tungsten carbide powderproduction methods

Tungsten carbide can be prepared by mixture of tungsten and carbon by high temperature heating, the presence of hydrogen or hydrocarbons can accelerate the reaction. If prepared using the tungsten oxygen-containing compound, the final product must be subjected to vacuum treatment 1500 ℃, to remove the oxides of carbon.

The tungsten powder(average particle size of 3 ~ 5μm) obtained by hydrogenation of tungsten trioxide . Mix tungsten powder and black carbon by equimolar ratio (dry-blended in a ball mill to about 10h), at a pressure of about 101.325 Mpa to pressure molding. Then put he powder was press-molded into a graphite crucible or tray, and heated to 1550 ~ 1650 ℃ in an induction furnace with a graphite resistance furnace in a hydrogen stream (dew point of -35 ℃ of pure hydrogen), make it carburization, the tungsten carbide products is generated.

W powder is one of the main raw materials to produce WC powder. WO3 powders with H2 reduction W powder preparation is commonly used in industrial production methods. Since the genetic relationships powder characteristics, the characteristics of W powder performance and WO3 powders and reduction processes are closely related.